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Email Marketing Software to Create and Send Newsletters.

Easy email newsletters - Create, send, share on social networks and track the results!

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Email Marketing

Beautiful newsletters in snap

Take your design pick, choose a colour scheme, add your contents and you're good to go!

Be an inbox hero

Authenticated mailings, dedicated servers and ISP compliance help your emails reach the inbox!

Reporting galore

Real-time opens, clickthroughs, bounces, behaviour data, location tracking, social stats - the whole gamut!

Try it free!

You can get your email marketing campaign up and running right now!

Easy, free, responsive newsletters

Lacking time and resources to whip up a great-looking responsive newsletter? Just go for our free templates! Professional email designs which you can easily customise by simply dragging and dropping whatever you want!

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Quick email delivery - by the ISP book

If you need to get thousands of emails out the door, E-goi will make sure your mailing benefits from the highest deliverability under all ISP rules with no burden on your site or infrastructure!

Get the lowdown

Are you sending out emails blindly without knowing who opened them? Who clicked through? Where and when? Those engaged people are your bread and butter! E-goi will tell you all about how they behave and where they're doing it from, so you can connect with them with hyper-targeted, relevant contents!

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Auto-responders and marketing automation

Say goodbye to manual sends! You can easily automate your whole relationship marketing strategy using the prime auto-responders and sales funnels in the galaxy. From a no-frills follow-up series to a complex triggered life-cycle funnel, you can do it all!

Engage those who matter

Are you getting the most out of your mailing list? E-goi helps you slice and dice it, so you're able to target each subscriber with relevant, one-on-one emails. This is the future of e-commerce - and you can have it today, right now!

Help is at hand

Email marketing sounds easy-peasy, but it does have its quirks. Our knowledge base will walk you through the best practices and you can even take a free training course! Depending on your account type, you can also get support via helpdesk, chat or one-on-one tutoring.

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Message personalisation

Connect with your customers using their own personal info! Any field in your database (name, past purchases, etc.) can be used as a merge tag in your email.

Squeaky-clean list

We have ready-made segments for you to easily purge your list of dead leads and get inactive subscribers back on board!

Anti-spam tests

Before sending your email, E-goi will run it through a series of tests to ensure it meets the basic standards.

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Fully documented

E-goi is child's play to use, but our how-tos and video tutorials will also help get you started in no time!


Which newsletter will have the best response? Leave that call to your own subscribers with E-goi's unlimited A/B testing!

Google Analytics

A single tick is all it takes to view how much traffic your email campaign brought to your site in Google Analytics!

What can E-goi do for you?


Need dedicated resources? We are on hand to help you with our corporate solutions!

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Our white-label option is just the thing for agencies and list brokers!

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