Transactional Emails and SMS

Transactional emails and SMS by E-goi – Targeted, lightning-fast delivery with no burden on your infrastructure.

Why use E-goi Transactional Email and SMS?

Cost Reduction

Send all types of communications by email or SMS and reduce financial and operational costs.

More Security

Safer and more reliable communication with registration and evidence of all sendings using E-goi Registered.

Robust and Reliable

Send millions of messages arriving at your destination. Do not risk self-hosted solutions.

How can Email and Transactional SMS help me?

Say goodbye to Paper and ensure the delivery of your shipments with quality at the best price!

Communications Dematerialization

Reduce printing and letter sending costs of all types of communications and official documents through secure and reliable email and SMS communication provided by E-goi Registered.

More Security and Less Fraud

Needing to increase the level of security in registrations or prevent fraud in your online business? Use E-goi Verify to validate authentication processes or the existence of an email or phone number by generating and validating single (token), temporary, via Email, SMS, or Push Notification.

Increase your Deliverability

Slingshot turns your transactional emails into highly optimised sends. It automatically handles authentication (SPF, DKIM and DMARC), bounces, FBLs, spam monitoring and IP reputation (shared or dedicated) to help your emails reach the inbox in a snap.

Easy Integration

Whether you send purchase confirmations, password resets or other notification emails and mobile texts, our SMTP relays and API (with multiple framework support) make it a doddle to switch your transactional mailings over to Slingshot.

Detailed Real-Time Analytics

Do you know what happens to your transactional messages after they’re sent? With Slingshot, yes! Discover, using the API, which ones have been delivered, opened, and clicked, what bounces and removals, and various other data so you don’t miss a detail of what’s going on and see where you can improve.

Extremely Scalable

Whether you send a couple thousand monthly messages or ten billion transactional emails and SMS per month, Slingshot will handle it all with no overhead on your servers.

Affordable Transactional Emails and SMS

Slingshot can take care of any one-on-one message your site or software sends out, such as account registration, password reminders, support tickets, purchase receipts, invoices and service alerts, all for low-cost pay-as-you-go – no contracts, no hidden fees!

Customer Support

Whatever message volume you send, we’ll always be on hand if you need help while integrating and using Slingshot.

What is included in the transactional?

Sending Attachments

Send all kinds of files (e.g. tickets) in your emails or SMS up to 7Mb.

Personalização Mensagens - E-goi

Templating and Merge Tags

Use all your customer’s data type to personalize communication. All automatic!


Schedule your messages on the date you want. E-goi makes it easy for you!


Recurring and configurable alerts (e.g. monitoring) and with acceptance log.


Create your own template and save time by using it as many times as you want!


Didn’t that person open your e-mail? Send him an SMS! Is that an important warning? Use a push notification. All automatic!

Ready to start sending?

You don’t need a credit card.

Case Study Olympic Games Rio 2016

What if you could apply, in your company, the same robust and reliable technology used in Rio 2016?

case study rio 2016

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