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Engage with your Clients Automatically

Automation - E-goi

From SMEs to Multinationals. Marketing Automation for All!

From a single auto-responder in your blog to an omnichannel funnel for your corporate business, E-goi is your go-to platform!

The Right Message at the Right Time

Engage with your clients automatically and send the right messages, at the right time to retain them. Campaigns based on your clients profile and behaviour: reminders, sales follow-ups and many more!

The Right Message at the Right Time - E-goi

How can my Two Salespeople Handle 1000+ Customers?

By turning your small sales team into a lean, mean lead nurturing machine! Just build a relationship marketing funnel in E-goi so you can connect with all your clients with hyper-targeted, relevant one-on-one messages.

How can my Two Salespeople Handle 1000+ Customers? - E-goi

Truly Multichannel

If a subscriber hasn’t opened your Email, just text them a Smart SMS! You mean it’s a really important notice? Go for a Push Notification! The subscriber can even use it to request a phone callback from you. The cherry on top? The whole thing is done automagically!

Truly Multichannel - E-goi

Your Sales Staff will Love it!

E-goi can interact with your CRM and automatically notify your sales department when a client reaches a certain stage of the sales funnel, by email or SMS. Look after your leads and improve the effectiveness of the entire commercial strategy.

Your Sales Staff will Love it! - E-goi

What else can you do with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation - Tracking 360º - E-goi

Omnichannel Tracking

Track everything that’s going on in your business. From the very first visit until purchase in a physical store. Make your clients feel special and build profitable long-term relationships.

Marketing Automation - Mensagens Comportamentais - E-goi

Behavioural Targeting

How would you like to engage people clicking through your email? Or those who abandon your shopping cart? You are in control!

Marketing Automation (Autobots) - E-goi

Automated Segmentation

Your customers are automatically sorted into segments according to what they do on your site!

Lead Nurturing

With easy one-on-one messaging! You can even score them based on their actions for later follow-up! (lead scoring)

Marketing Automation  - Importação de Contactos Automaticamente - E-goi

Automatic Imports

Automatically import your contacts from your CRM, online store or ERP and kickstart your sales funnel.

Marketing Automation - Relatórios Detalhados  - E-goi

Multichannel Analytics

Full behavioural reporting, including real-time geolocation and social data, which you can export with a single click.

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Integration with Hundreds of Apps

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