Do plans have unlimited submissions or are they charged for the number of messages sent?

Sending E-mails and Push notifications are unlimited for your database. For example, if your database has up to 10,000 contacts, just customize your plan with this number of contacts to be able to send any number of emails or push notifications during the contracted period of the plan (monthly, quarterly, annual, etc. .). For the SMS and SmartSMS channel, you can choose to subscribe to a monthly addon with different prices or choose to load balance. For all other channels, you must choose to load balance, paying only for the number of messages you want to send.

What are counted as “contacts” in the Base and Pro Plans?

All email addresses and push and web push tokens are considered as contacts. For example, if the subscriber “Fernando” has two email addresses and two web push records in different browsers, it will count as 4 contacts in your plan. Landline and mobile numbers are not counted as contacts, so if your goal is just to send SMS campaigns, you can hire a plan with the minimum contact limit and then hire an SMS Addon or load a balance with the number of messages you want to send.

What can I do with the Balance Load option?

Once you’ve joined a Base or Pro plan, you’ll have a balance load option in your account. This balance is used to pay for the consumption of your campaigns on the E-goi Ads Channel, for the activation of services such as Smart Wi-Fi, as well as for Voice Broadcasting (fixed or mobile network) and SMS /SmartSMS campaigns to hundreds of different countries. See the Price List.

Does the charged balance have an expiration date?

No. The balance does not expire and will be available until the expiration date of your plan. If you cancel the plan, you can no longer use the balance.

I want to send voice messages but I can’t find that option in the plans. How should I proceed?

To send voice calls must first join a Base or Pro plan. You should then load the balance with the exact amount you need for your campaign submissions. At any time you can charge your account with more balance.

I want to send SMS to several countries but in the SMS addons I only see a few options. How should I proceed?

SMS addons are suitable for those who make frequent sendings to certain countries because they have special pricing conditions. If you want to send SMS to countries not available in the addons, you must choose to load your balance.

Do monthly Addon SMS accumulate for the next month?

No, so send all the SMS until they run out, because next month you have another SMS package ready to use 🙂

I send many messages a month. Do you have plans for more than 250,000 contacts?

Yes, just talk to us.

Are the Extras all included in the Corporate Plan?

To access the extras, you must hire a Corporate plan. Talk to us and tell us which extras you want to activate. Some may have increased costs and developments.

How can I join a plan?

You just need to create an E-goi account, enter the current account, choose the plan and pay the amount. It’s done! Thereafter, E-goi will issue you a payment note each month.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Amex or PayPal). The payment process is always initiated within E-goi itself.

After joining a plan, can I change its settings to a higher or lower plan?

At any time you can add new addons with the option to activate them immediately or in the next billing cycle. If you want to downgrade an existing add-on, the change will not take effect until the next change cycle. It is not possible to perform a Downgrade of the service level, that is, to move from a “Pro” Plan to a “Base” Plan.

Can I subscribe to a “Base” or “Pro” Plan and at the same time load balance to use the other channels?

Yes, you can and should 🙂 The option to load balance always depends on the activation of a paid plan. For example, if you want to send voice messages, you must first select the most suitable plan for your business (Base or Pro) and then load the account with the balance necessary for your sendings. The unused balance does not expire and remains available until your plan expires.

I joined a plan but I’m not satisfied. Will you give me the money back?

If you joined the plan less than a month ago and the reason for your dissatisfaction is covered by our refund policy, we will refund your money.

I have an old E-goi plan, do I have to migrate to the new plans or is it optional?

If you have an old plan, you can keep it for an indefinite period of time, leaving it up to you to decide whether or not to migrate to the new plans. Please note that if the old plan is cancelled, you will no longer be able to re-hire it, having to choose one of the new ones.

What will happen to my 35.000 Web Push contacts after the end of the campaign?

If you joined the plan before the end of the campaign (it’s almost over), you will be able to keep your 35,000 contacts forever!