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WooCommerce Plugin for Email and SMS Marketing

Increase conversion in your e-commerce: send emails, cart abandonment, and much more!

Why integrate WooCommerce and E-goi?

Personalized monitoring

When hiring a Pro plan, our experts will guide you to a successful strategy for your e-commerce on our platform!

Save Time

Search for your products directly in the email creator and add them to make your sendings!

Increases Conversion

Turn visitors into customers by sending discounts and special offers in real-time.

Generate More Sales

With automatic welcome campaigns, cart abandonment, birthdays and more!

What can I do with this integration?

Products Ready to Promote

Whenever you need to create an email marketing campaign you only have to search within the email creator for the products you want to sell and add them!

More Information = More Sales

Learn everything that happens in your online store and campaigns (products in the cart, last purchased products, date of last purchase, etc.) and use this information to increase boost sales by sending discounts and special offers.

Recovery of Abandoned Carts by Email and SMS

Someone left a product in the cart, but they didn’t buy it? Send an email or SMS with a mini-survey: “Tell us why you haven’t finished the purchase and we’ll offer you a 10% discount!” Everything automatically!

Content Adapted to each Customer

Customize and tailor content to your customers’ interests by activating emails with products related to the last purchase.

Dynamic Products Newsletter - E-goi

Automatic Campaigns

Create in a few minutes various types of automatic campaigns by email, SMS or push: welcome, post-purchase, birthday, cart abandonment, loyalty and much more!

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Software | E-goi

SMS Alerts (with tracking code)

Increase your sales with just a few clicks by sending automatic SMS as long as there are changes in the status of your orders or late payments. It’s so easy! But beware – for that you will also need our SMS Plugin for WooCommerce »

Price tracking by SMS

The customer leaves your store unused and does not know what the reason is? Price is always an important factor, so notify your customer by SMS of any fluctuations in the prices of their favourite products.

Wow! How do I activate this integration?

It’s very simple! Follow these steps and you will soon be enjoying all the benefits.

Step 1: Install the E-goi WordPress Plugin »

As WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, download our Smart Marketing for WordPress plugin and install the plugin with your E-goi account API key.

Step 2:  Initial settings »

Once the installation is complete, click on “Smart Marketing” in the administration of your WordPress site and then on “Capture contacts”. Click on “Simple forms” and choose the E-goi list where people who sign up for this form will stay. You can also choose or create a tag (eg “course A”, “ebook B”, etc.) to associate with subscribers, which is great for later segmentation.

Step 3: Ready to use! »

With the installation of the plugin, it is even easier to communicate with your customers! And now you can start recovering abandoned carts easily.

What else can I do with E-goi and WooCommerce ?

Email Marketing

Send Email Marketing campaigns to promote your online store, promotions and products (with integrated catalogue).

SMS Marketing

Send SMS campaigns as a communication strategy, or as a reinforcement of other channels. May include products (with integrated catalogue).

Marketing Automation

Attract inactive customers, former visitors, send similar products, birthday campaigns and more fully automatically.

Social Media Posts

Connect with your customers by scheduling posts on main Social Networks including Google My Business.

Promotional Pop-ups

Draw your visitors’ attention to products and promotions through fully customizable pop-ups and alerts.

Web Tracking 360º

Get to know your market! Create retargeting campaigns, automate abandoned cart campaigns and boost your business results!

WhatsApp Leads

Convert a visitor into a lead and start a conversation on Whatsapp.

WebPush Notifications

Create Web Push invitations to capture Leads and send notifications with news from your online store.

Detailed Reports

Measure your campaign’s success, know which ones generate most interactions and greatest return on investment.

Boost your e-commerce sales with our Drag & Drop email editor!

Automate your communication with customers thanks to E-goi’s Drag & Drop email editor. Offer the right product at the right time!

Captura Email Marketing | E-goi

Product Catalog

Create your emails using your store’s product catalog with our plugin.

Import Products via CSV

Use an excel file to import products from your online store.

Automatic Import

Hosting your file allows you to schedule automatic imports of your products.

Product Widget

Drag and drop to add catalog products to any email campaign.

Abandoned Cart Widget

Drag and drop to add products in cart to any email campaign.

Alternative Products Widget

Add alternative products to those left in the cart to any email campaign.

Ready to beat the competition?

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