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Create Smart SMS

Create Smart SMS and learn all about who read your SMS, who took the survey or who grabbed your coupon! Smart SMS messages allow you to combine text, pics, animations, video and audio for the ultimate messaging experience!

The Smart SMS Marketing

Looking for a reliable company that delivers your messages?

Secure and Trustworthy. Deliver your Messages.

Send millions of messages that reach their destination. Don’t take risks with low quality routes.

Secure and Trustworthy. Deliver your Messages - E-goi

Create SMS that connects to images and videos

For the first time, you’ll be able to know who clicked on the SMS, geolocation, if your subscriber use an iPhone or an Android, which interests demonstrated on the Landing Page. Show your products to customers with the images, videos and landing pages you want!

Create Smart SMS - E-goi

Flexible. Stay on Top of it All.

Do you have a website or online shop? Capitalise on E-goi’s behaviour tracking feature or use our API to send SMS and trigger actions when your clients access your web page or buy a product.

Flexible. Stay on Top of it All. - E-goi

Save Money.

Are you still sending SMS to inactive numbers? E-goi removes them automatically. Already have your contacts’ email addresses? So save money and send SMS only to those who didn’t open the email!

Avoid Wastage. Save Time. - E-goi
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All for only:


Per SMS, Smart SMS or Slingshot text

No setup costs, no monthly fees, no hassle.

What is included?

Message Personalisation

Connect one-on-one with your customers! Use their name or any field in your database as a merge tag for your SMS (which can also include your name as sender)!

Marketing Automation (Autobots) - E-goi


Send automatic birthday messages, appointment confirmations, etc. Add SMS to your automation and send notifications.

Forms and Surveys

Find out what clients think about you. Send them a Smart SMS with a satisfaction survey. And why not take the opportunity to ask them to update their profile? It’s easy!

URL/FTP Upload

Is your database on your site or FTP server? E-goi can automatically retrieve it whenever needed!

Fully Documented

E-goi is child’s play to use, but our how-tos and video tutorials will also help get you started in no time!

Marketing Automation - Relatórios Detalhados  - E-goi

Squeaky-clean List

When importing your contacts, E-goi will automatically filter out misspelt and duped numbers.

We’re Always Here

Our specialist team is always on hand to help you.

Support 24/7 - E-goi


Available in all time zones.

SLA level of 99%


Our clients are happy clients.

Email Marketing Support | E-goi


We speak your language.

Our Focus are the Digital Marketing Agencies

We’re right by your side, as a strategic partner, with the best solutions to keep one step ahead of the competition and increase your client portfolio.

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Marketing that breathes Health and Well Being

Differentiate your business and stay one step ahead of your competition. Take your business to another level.

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Total Diligence and Security for your Financial Marketing

Dematerialise your communications with a robust and trustworthy software.

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Increase Sales via Your Ecommerce

Automate the growth of your online shop and offer an improved customer experience.

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Email Marketing Tool to Earn Money Online

If you have a site, blog or even a fan page, you can earn money online with E-goi’s Affiliate Programme. Earn commission on any payments made by your followers… forever!

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The most Simply, Quickly and Automatically way to Sell Properties

The best of marketing automation for real estate agents. From customer acquisition to sale

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Reach the success as an Digital Entrepreneur

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The Power of Digital for Your Physical Store

The client relationship goes far beyond the basic in-store service.

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We Invest in Entrepreneurship. We Invest in You!

We know that you are only just starting your business, and that it can be difficult at first. That’s why we’ve got special conditions for your incubated start-up.

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Create Unforgettable Experiences in Tourism

E-goi’s multichannel marketing automation provides all the necessary tools to guarantee client satisfaction. Perfect for hotels, travel agents or airlines.

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Integration with Hundreds of Apps

The only limit is your imagination.

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