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How Does it Work?

It’s quite simple! By becoming an E-goi Affiliate, you’ll have an exclusive affiliate link. All payments made by the accounts created via that link, will earn you a percentage.

How Does it Work? - E-goi

How Much can I Earn?


Earn 30% recurring commissions on all E-goi plans that the clients subscribe, forever and with no limit!


With E-goi, Affiliates have an exclusive dashboard where they can monitor views, clicks, accounts created, sales and commissions earned, in real-time.

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You can also earn commissions if you bring in other affiliates. They will also be associated to you, earning you 30% on their commissions. Unlimited number of tiers!

Dedicated Manager

Either for questioning or to simply deliver some suggestions, you’ll always be able to reach an E-goi Affiliate Manager, who will help you achieving the results you are looking for.

Personalised Service - E-goi

What resources do I have at my disposal?


We offer banners in several formats, already customized with your Affiliate link. Want to bring in new customers? Prefer bringing new Affiliates? No problem. We have banners for all purposes and languages.

Themed Landing Pages

You’ll have high conversion landing pages, ready for you to generate visits (using your affiliate code) and thus generate more accounts associated to you. If you prefer, ANY page of the E-goi website is ready to receive your referrals.

Long-term Cookie

Whenever you bring a visitor to E-goi’s website, blog or landing page, using your Affiliate link, they will be associated to you for the next 60 days! During that time, if that visitor creates an E-goi account, all payments he’ll make, will pay you a commission.


Need inspiration for creating content? Don’t worry! You can generate visits to E-goi blog using your Affiliate code. All clients that come via your link will be “yours”!
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Want to write a comparison article? We have comparatives with dozens of competitors, ready to be consulted or simply shared using your Affiliate code.

Commission Notices

We’ll notify you by email the moment you’ve made a sale.

Ready to Start your Journey as an Affiliate?

Becoming an E-goi Affiliate is completely free. You don’t need to become also a customer, but you must have an E-goi account.

E-goi Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Integration with Hundreds of Apps

Your imagination, is your only limit.

What E-goi affiliates are saying

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Forget about start-up costs. Becoming an E-goi Affiliate Partner is free. Just create an E-goi account and you’re good to go!

Wherever and whenever you like! Whenever you want to withdraw your earnings, just make a direct request via your panel. Your chosen amount will be transferred to your bank account.

Yes, when you become an E-goi Affiliate, there will be a designated account manager to help you if you need suggestions on improving your results.

E-goi’s multiple features and a variety of different channels it offers make promoting and selling so much easier, irrespective of your audience. Just show them the benefits of using E-goi.

Becoming an E-goi Affiliate is so easy! Just create a normal E-goi account (even though you don’t intend to use messaging features) and enter the Affiliate menu. On excepting the programme’s terms and conditions, you will be directed to the Affiliate dashboard, where all of the tools for success will be at your disposal!