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Why Use E-goi to Create your Landing Pages?

It’s free… Forever!

It’s included in any Basic or Pro plan and doesn’t pay for it anymore! And now also in the new E-goi plan that is free … forever!

Save Time

It’s a practical and simple-to-use tool and already comes with templates with a professional design that you can customize as you wish.

Multichannel All in One

With E-goi, it guarantees access to other communication tools (email, SMS, etc.) to promote your business.

Capture and Convert Leads like never before!

It is very easy to create and customize your Landing Pages at E-goi.

Drag & Drop Editor

Easily create landing pages with E-goi drag and drop editor Add columns, elements of text, images, videos and much more!

Drag & Drop Editor

Free Templates

You don’t know how to start to make your landing page? We have templates with a professional design that fits any mobile device and that you can customize as you wish.

Unlimited Segmentation

Automated contact segmentation in your forms/surveys, improving list hygiene and maximizing effectiveness. And with tags is even easier!

Unlimited Segmentation

More Conversions with Countdown

Use countdown into your landing pages to increase the sense of urgency and makes your clients to make decisions.

More Conversions with Countdown

Smarter Landing Pages

With E-goi the forms of your landing pages can be pre-populated! Simply use an option to “Share it“. This URL allows you to pre-fill form fields after they click on your emails sent from E-goi.

Smarter Landing Pages

Automatic and Multichannel Communication

You’ve captured a lead or a new business opportunity in your landing pages… and now what? E-goi Marketing Automation helps you turn business opportunities into customers. That person didn’t open your email? Send him an SMS! Is that an important warning? Use a push notification or voice call! All automatic!

And what’s more…

Flexible Publication

Friendly URL

Use your own domain to publish your landing pages and increase the trust of your visitors.

Remarketing Pixel

Do you make ads on Google or Facebook? With E-goi you can insert pixels to make remarketing to those who visited your Landing Pages!


Optimize your landing pages with keywords to help people find them on Google.

Personalization of Messages

Set rules on what to do when you receive new contacts, which already exist or have already been removed from your list, and what messages you’ll see.

Registration Limitation

Limit registrations by IP, by a certain number of registrations or up to date. Ideal for, for example, doing a hobby!

Thank You Page

Someone signed up for your Landing Page and now? Go to a thank you page and make effective management of expectations.

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E-goi Use Case

How to Make Landing Pages using E-goi to Increase Conversions 

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