Save Time and Work

Still manually adding and deleting unsubscribers? E-goi does it all for you. Use opt-in forms to collect new subscribers. They can also edit their subscription or opt out at any time! And you can even automatically import the database from your website!

Save Time and Work - E-goi

Smart Management

E-goi automatically removes invalid, bouncing or duplicate emails and mobile/phone numbers. Do you send offers via email and SMS? Have E-goi text only those people who haven’t opened your email!

Smart Management - E-goi

Automatic Cleaning

E-goi has ready-made cleaning segments to ensure your mailing, mobile or landline phone lists are always clean, making your campaigns more effective.

Automatic Cleaning - E-goi

And what’s more…

Geographic Segmentation

Do you want to send an email promoting an event to your contacts but don’t know which ones are in that country? Don’t worry, E-goi knows who opened your last email in that country and geographically segments the database for you!

Behavioral Segmentation

Want to give a prize to the customers who open and click the most on your messages? How about doing a reactivation campaign to those who rarely open them? You just need E-goi’s automatic segments!


The simplest and fastest way to segment a database! Tag your contacts with whatever you want (“VIP”, “hot lead”, etc.) and you’re done!


Import your contacts automatically using our API or one of our integrations. Use an Excel spreadsheet if you prefer, or simply copy and paste. It’s so simple!

Campos Extras E-goi

Whatever Fields you Want

Apart from the usual fields in database management (name, email, etc.), you can also create any other field in E-goi (sign up date, store, city, country, preferred products, etc.).

Goimeup E-goi


A tiny app, available for Android and iOS, for capturing contacts with a tablet! The app displays an E-goi form on the tablet, which can be used for subscribing contacts immediately. No Internet connection necessary!