Integrations and Plugins

Integrate E-goi with WordPress, Salesforce, Magento, Prestashop and many others!

Integration with Hundreds of Apps

The only limit is your imagination.

Plugin WordPress - Integração com E-goi
Plugin WooCommerce SMS - Integração com E-goi
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Integração Shopify - Integração com E-goi
Plugin VTEX- Integração com E-goi
Plugin Facebook - Integração com E-goi
Plugin Opencart - Integração com E-goi
Plugin Dynamics365- Integração com E-goi
Plugin Jumpseller - Integração com E-goi
Integração Pipedrive - Integração com E-goi
Plugin TrayCommerce- Integração com E-goi


Integrations to Suit your Needs

E-goi has hundreds of integrations available to suit your needs, and with your software!

Couldn’t find the integration you were looking for?

Find it on Goidini, E-goi’s integration center.

Other Integrations…


A webhook is a simple way to retrieve and store information using a standard URL. Anything supporting webhooks (eg. Unbounce, Instapage, etc.) can be swiftly integrated with E-goi!

Email Parser

Say you’d like to automatically add people to your E-goi subscriber list whenever you receive an email notifying you they bought something from your online store. Email parsers allow you to do just that! We already include parsers for some of the most popular shopping carts, such as Paypal and


E-goi forms and surveys can be quickly added to any site (including Blogger pages and Feedburner feeds) or integrated with any landing page service which accepts HTML (eg. OptimizePress and tons more). Just grab our HTML and paste it wherever you want!


Zapier is a really cool service allowing you to easily integrate E-goi with more than 1000 apps!

Track & Engage

E-goi is also able to track your contacts all the way to your site or shopping cart, so you can then automate actions based on what they do (eg. visit a specific URL, purchase an item, etc.). Simply enable Track & Engage and integrate it with your site!


Transactional email and SMS by E-goi – Targeted, lightning-fast delivery with no burden on your infrastructure!


Can’t find a ready-made integration for what you have in mind? Simply create it using our API!