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Create Push Notifications in Just a Few Minutes

Have the open rate and click-throughs you’ve been dreaming about.

Why should I use E-goi Push Notifications?

Customer loyalty

Did you know that Push notifications have a higher conversion rate than email? Take advantage of the proximity of this channel to generate more results!

Targeted Communication

Create segments in your contact list and send personalized communications in different channels: email, sms, voice call… Don’t leave anything unsaid!

Long lasting relationships

Engage your audience around your brand! Create automatic communication flows so that you are in constant contact with your customers.

Instant Conversions with Push Notifications!

Did you know that push notifications have a click-through rate 7 times higher than email marketing?

Rich Notification

Get more attention with the ability to include images in your push notifications! Images of your products, exclusive promotions… don’t leave anything unsaid.

Push through Mobile Marketing Clutter!

E-goi makes it a cinch to send hyper personalized messages to your app users based on what they do! You can easily connect with them via notifications and time-limited offers or automatic reminders.

Push through Mobile Marketing Clutter! - E-goi

Instant, Non-Intrusive Messaging

Simply create your push message in E-goi (easy as pie with our visual editor) and hit “Send”. Each of your app users will then get a notification on their smartphone letting them know they have a new message. No waiting, no hassle, no fuss.

Instant, Non-Intrusive Messaging - E-goi

Confirmed opt-in, Engaged Users

Cut through the chatter! Users who install your app not only consent to receive push messages from you, but they’ve also gone the extra mile to have your brand right there on their mobile at all times.

Confirmed opt-in, Engaged Users - E-goi

Detailed reports

Deliveries, openings … Keep track of everything in your E-goi account! Our platform’s detailed reports help you measure the success of your communication strategy.


Say you’d like to invite customers to come on down to your store if they’re around. Or let them know about the best places to visit when arriving to a specific city. E-goi does it automatically for you! Just set your location targeting for each push message and let your user’s mobile GPS take it from there.

Geolocation - E-goi

Integration is a Doddle

A simple integration with us is enough for you to start using this channel. Click here to access the documentation required for this integration.

Integration is a Doddle - E-goi

Unlimited sending

Your E-goi plan includes unlimited sendings! You just have to take into account the number of contacts you can send to, according to the selected plan. And the price includes not only the sending of push messages, but also email and SMS, as well as all other marketing automation features of E-goi!

No Hidden Fees, No Surprises - E-goi

All this and you only pay:


Per each notification sent

No additional costs, no monthly fee, hassle free.

But there’s more…

Limpeza Números Inválidos - E-goi

Squeaky-clean List

When first sending your push message, E-goi will auto-purge anyone who no longer uses your app.

Relatório Interações Sociais - E-goi

Social Media Integration

Adding social sharing buttons to your push message is child’s play with E-goi.

Android IOS Windows - E-goi

iOS, Android, Windows

Whatever operating system your app runs on, you can integrate it with our push channel.

API Integração - E-goi

Easy Integration

E-goi’s push channel comes complete with a developer framework.

Who’s Using your App?

E-goi will tell you all about it by cross-referencing your users’ email, mobile nr and token.


Dynamic QR Codes

Need to send each customer a QR code for coupon redemption? E-goi will auto-generate them for you!


Guide your customers! Direct them to specific pages with the possibility of inserting links.

Fast and effective!

Communicate first than your competition! We increased the speed to 2725 sends per second!

And much more waiting for you!

At E-goi we are always innovating! Get ready for more news to come soon.

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