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Provide a Multichannel Experience

360º Web Tracking, e-mail and mobile campaigns (sms, push and voice) with automation… all online!

Why E-goi?

Efficient. Save Time.

Everything you need to take your business to the next level. Capture, automate, send, analyse and make an impact on your sales. Gain a lot for very little!

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Automate your Email Marketing | E-goi
Much More than Email Marketing - E-goi

Your Message. Every Channel.

If a subscriber hasn’t opened your email, just text them a Smart SMS! You mean it’s a really important notice? Go for a push notification! The whole thing is done automatically!

Effective. Deliver the Messages.

Send newsletters securely. Authenticated emails and anti-spam regulations help your emails go straight to the inbox.

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Reach the Inbox - E-goi
Get the Lowdown. Instantly. - E-goi

We Know Everything. You Will as Well.

Get to know your client, like no one else. Analysing your clients online behaviour enables more effective decision-making for your sales process.

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Wait! There’s more…


Ideas for automatic contact capture on your website with customisable templates and ready to use content.
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Check our range of professionally designed newsletter templates, ready to use and customisable with a super simple editor!
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Send transactional emails from your online shop (account registration, order, notification and support. Automatically recover abandoned shopping baskets and inactive clients!
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Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other social share links can be customised and placed anywhere in your mailing (and not just on the top or bottom).

Personalised Messages

Speak as if you were face-to-face with your clients. You just need to write ‘Hi, !fname!’, and E-goi automatically converts this to ‘Hi Sylvia!’, ‘Hi John’, etc.

Everything is Logged

E-goi is easy to use, but we also have lots of guides, videos and tutorials so that you can learn how to master this tool!
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Our Focus are the Digital Marketing Agencies

We’re right by your side, as a strategic partner, with the best solutions to keep one step ahead of the competition and increase your client portfolio.

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Marketing that breathes Health and Well Being

Differentiate your business and stay one step ahead of your competition. Take your business to another level.

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Total Diligence and Security for your Financial Marketing

Dematerialise your communications with a robust and trustworthy software.

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Increase Sales via Your Ecommerce

Automate the growth of your online shop and offer an improved customer experience.

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Email Marketing Tool to Earn Money Online

If you have a site, blog or even a fan page, you can earn money online with E-goi’s Affiliate Programme. Earn commission on any payments made by your followers… forever!

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The most Simply, Quickly and Automatically way to Sell Properties

The best of marketing automation for real estate agents. From customer acquisition to sale

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Reach the success as an Digital Entrepreneur

Are you a blogger or an infoproducer? E-goi offers the best solutions to boost your extra income and become a benchmark in your market niche.

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The Power of Digital for Your Physical Store

The client relationship goes far beyond the basic in-store service.

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We Invest in Entrepreneurship. We Invest in You!

We know that you are only just starting your business, and that it can be difficult at first. That's why we’ve got special conditions for your incubated start-up.

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Create Unforgettable Experiences in Tourism

E-goi’s multichannel marketing automation provides all the necessary tools to guarantee client satisfaction. Perfect for hotels, travel agents or airlines.

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