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What’s Personalized Strategic Monitoring?

Personalized Strategic Monitoring is E-goi’s personalized service for all PRO customers, on their first subscription. Our experts will help yoi with the design and implementation of your strategy, so that the results appear on the very first day!

How Personalized Strategic Monitoring will help my business?

Goal Setting

Share your expectations for your business: increase sales, increase the number of contacts, improve your conversion rate.

Multichannel Strategy

Our experts help you make the most of the channels available from E-goi that make sense for your business.


Assess the performance of your strategy with the help of our team.


With our follow-up, you become an independent user of our platform!

Together from day one!

Our Personalized Strategic Monitoring consists of 4 stages, all of them done side by side with our experts.

Stage I: Welcome aboard! »

In the first stage, we open E-goi’s doors, namely necessary configurations on the platform! At this stage, we also try to know your digital marketing strategy. We diagnose the challenges, opportunities, and goals that we will work on.

Stage II: Where should we start? »

After diagnosing the challenges, we define together which E-goi solutions to use (automation, forms, email campaigns, among others) to achieve the goals defined in the first stage.

Stage III: Let’s get things done! »

At this stage, as the strategy is implemented, it is very important to measure and analyze the first results. We make a brief assessment of the work done and draw new guidelines for the coming weeks.

Stage IV: Go further and beyond! »

With Personalized Strategic Monitoring, results start coming faster than on any other platform! And after reaching your goals? We define new ones and you’ll see how easy it is to hit them!
At this stage, you are already a specialist and will have full autonomy to use our platform!

How can I have access to Personalized Strategic Monitoring?

AEP is an exclusive service of Pro Plan! Activate it in your account to have your strategic monitoring and take advantage of its benefits.

Submissions to 2500 contacts at least!

Engage with your audience via email, mobile, or web Push with no sending limits and at any time you can add more contacts to your plan.

Complete sales funnel

Automate your sales cycle or visits to your blog with our automation flows. Speed up the customer/visitor journey and save precious time.

Track & Engage

Know the market like no one else. Create retargeting campaigns, automate abandoned cart campaigns and boost your business results!

Plugins and Integrations

We have ready-to-use e-commerce integration solutions. Forget manual processes to focus on what matters most: selling!

A/B Tests

What is the best newsletter to send? Create unlimited A/B tests and let your customers choose for themselves!

Social Media Management

Create, schedule or post on main social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Google My Business in one place.

Case Studies

Find out how Marketing Automation has benefited these businesses.

Solutions tailored to your business, with a dedicated account manager!

With E-goi Digital Solutions, revolutionize your digital communication strategy with the development of Tailor-Made solutions.

Real time data

Data collection in an online and offline environment, integrating different sources of information available (CRM, POS, ERP).

SMART Segmentation

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, creating custom communication flows and feeding the customer’s journey.

Senior and 100% dedicated team

Specialists for over 15 years in Omnichannel marketing automation, Customer Data Platform, Transactional Solutions and bespoke developments.