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Send web push notifications in a question of minutes

Achieve the opening rate and clicks you’ve always dreamt of.

What is a Web Push Notification?

Web Push Notifications is a system used to send instant messages to your clients, through browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or smartphones android. With these browser notifications, you can:

  • Promote new products and content from your website, blog or eCommerce;
  • Keep your clients up to date in real time;
  • Analyse reports and know how many push messages were sent, which links had more access, who accessed, published or shared them.

Web Push Notifications - E-goi

Web push means much more traffic

Push notifications have a visibility rate of around 90% and are perfect for communicating your online shop’s new features, the latest news on your blog and interact with your customers at exactly the right time.

More sales in your online shop

The web push channel informs your customers about your online shop’s new features and promotions, in real-time. Did your customer add products to the shopping cart, but didn’t buy them? Send a notification with a delivery offer. Did they make any purchases recently? Suggest related products and increase second sales.

Your message gets full attention

Web push notifications are seen as soon as the client opens their browser, which means that your message is seen at exactly the right time and grabs all of the attention for itself.

Your readers will always be aware of new content

Generate repeat visits to your blog or news portal by sending a web push notification whenever new content is published, and keep your followers up to date.

Fully personalised messages

E-goi’s invitations and web push alerts can be fully personalized – texts, buttons, colours, logos – everything can be customised with your image as well as your website information.

Maximise tracking on your website

Interact in real-time according to the customer’s behaviour on your website. Is the customer looking at the “Printers” category? Send a notification about an item that’s on offer, or a related product (e.g. ink cartridges) Have you ever heard of Track & Engage?

Guaranteed delivery, even outside of your website

Forget about antispam filters, hidden email folders or forgotten SMS messages. Web push notifications appear instantly in your customer’s browser, even if they are visiting another website.

All this and you only pay


For every web push notification sent

Do you already have an E-goi plan? Web Push Notifications are included at no extra cost.

What is included?


Find out when your customer clicked and take advantage of this information to cross sell a related product.

Multichannel reports

All of your customers’ behavioural, geographic and social data in real-time, and exportable in just one click.


Web push notifications are 100% compatible with the most popular browsers, both on desktop or mobile versions.

Implementação em HTML - E-goi

Easy to implement

Embed one line of code in your website and you’ll be ready to attract visitors to your contract list and send your first campaign.

Offline Notifications

Nothing gets lost – notifications can be sent at any time and will appear as soon as the users open their browser.

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Guaranteed engagement

The users themselves agree to receive web push messages. So you will only communicate with those who are interested in receiving your messages.

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