Integrate E-Goi with Shopify

Use E-goi integration with Shopify and increase conversion of your online store.

Why use this Integration?

Save Time

Search for your products directly in the email creator and add them to make your sendings!

Increases Conversion

Turn visitors into customers by sending discounts and special offers in real-time.

Generate More Sales

With automatic welcome campaigns, cart abandonment, birthdays and more!

Starting with Basic Integration:

What can I do with it?

Contact synchronization

Let the integration do all the work for you. All customer records in your store will be automatically entered in E-goi (newsletter subscriptions and unregistered guest customers in the store only available in advanced integration).

It’s free! I want to try it

But don’t forget to create your E-goi account

And now, the Advanced Integration:

How can it help my business?

Turn Lost Visits into Customers

You invested in advertising and communication and the customer came to your online store, but left without seeing your products? Capture their attention by instantly opening a form on the customer screen that you can customize the way you want.

PopUp Forms - E-goi

Contact Synchronization (guests included)

All registrations in your online store will be automatically registered with E-goi, including newsletter subscriptions, in-store registration and also guest customers (only available in advanced integration).

Always next to your client

E-goi assigns a tag and replaces it each time the customer advances in the payment or order status. Therefore, you can use tags to segment your contact list and communicate with your customers to close sales.

Unlimited Segmentation

Products Ready to Sell

Whenever you need to create an email marketing campaign you only have to search within the email creator for the products you want to sell and add them!

More Information = More Sales

Learn everything that happens in your online store and campaigns (products in the cart, last purchased products, date of last purchase, etc.) and use this information to increase boost sales by sending discounts and special offers.

Cart Abandonment

Someone left a product in the cart, but they didn’t buy it? Send an email or SMS with a mini-survey: “Tell us why you haven’t finished the purchase and we’ll offer you a 10% discount!” Everything automatically!

Products Adapted to each Customer

Customize and tailor content to your customers’ interests by activating emails with products related to the last purchase.

Dynamic Products Newsletter - E-goi

Automatic Campaigns

Create several types of automatic campaigns in a few minutes by e-mail, SMS or push: welcome, post-purchase, birthday, cart abandonment, loyalty and everything you can think of!

SMS Alerts (with tracking code)

Increase your sales with just a few clicks by sending automatic SMS as long as there are changes in the status of your orders or late payments. It’s so easy!

Advanced integration: What else is included?

Create Product Catalogs

Search for your products directly in the email creator and add them to make your sendings!

Import Products using CSV

Use an Excel file to import products from your online store.

Automatic Import

With your hosted file you can schedule automatic imports of your products.

Widget for Products

Drag and drop to add products from your catalogue to any email campaign.

Widget for Cart Abandonment

Drag and drop to add the products in your cart to any email campaign.

Widget for Cross-Selling

Add alternative products left in your cart to any email campaign.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s sell it all with this advanced integration!

But don’t forget to create your E-goi account

What they say about us

E-goi has helped thousands of customers worldwide. Here’s what they say about us:

“E-goi, for its flexibility, variety of channels and e-commerce features, turned out to be the logical choice for all the marketing automation of The Florist”

Tiago Oliveira – Managing Partner The Florist