Shopify + E-goi: Email, SMS e Marketing Automation

Integrate E-Goi with Shopify

Sell more with Multichannel Marketing Automation (Email, SMS, Web Push) with the help of Ecommerce Tracking

Why Integrate with Shopify?

Marketing Automation (Autobots) - E-goi

Automate Your Communication

Leave your client’s entire life cycle on autopilot, from capture to sale.

Anticipate Needs

The analysis of your visitor’s navigation on your website enables you to make the best decisions on your product’s sale process.

Personalise Your Communication

Communicate with your clients using their first name, and adapt your communication to each client.

What can I do with the Shopify/E-goi integration?

E-goi simplifies marketing: email, mobile, web and social media, everything through a platform online – that you can integrate with Shopify!

Synchronise contacts

Let the integration with Shopify do your work for you. Every registration on your website will be automatically registered on E-goi.

Tracking Web 360º

Know everything that happens on your website and on your campaigns to create your buyer’s profile. From the first visit until the purchase.

SMS Marketing Sendings

Connect/link you Shopify shop with Smart SMS Marketing campaigns, know the geographic location where it was opened, in which device (iPhone or Android) and increase your conversion rates.

Multichannel Marketing Automation

In just a few minutes, create different automatic email, SMS or Push campaigns: Welcome, post-purchase, birthday, abandoned cart, loyalty and much more!

Install with just a click

Goidini, E-goi’s integrations platform, is where you can integrate your store with Shopify. With a simple installation and configuration, it will open doors to many multichannel campaigns functionalities, including Dynamic Remarketing.

What our clients say about us…

E-goi, for its flexibility, its channel and e-commerce functionalities variety, ended up being the logical choice for all the marketing automation of The Florist.

Tiago Oliveira – The Florist