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Abandoned Shopping Basket: Recover Lost Sales

Did you know that following up abandoned shopping carts by email has a 2000% higher sales effectiveness in comparison to normal newsletters?

Ideal for Ecommerce - Abandoned Shopping Basket: Recover Lost Sales | E-goi

Show up at the Right Time

Monitor every client’s journey through your website and flag their interests. If a client visits the Port wine section, send them an automatic campaign with the same products.

Ideal for Ecommerce - Show up at the Right Time | E-goi

More Confidence in Online Sales

Order status updates, stock shortages or order deliveries are some examples of messages that should reach their destination. E-goi guarantees delivery of these messages with total transparency.

Ideal for Ecommerce - More Confidence in Online Sales | E-goi

Products the Client Wants

Segment your audience, define your audience profile and improve the relevance of your content. From signup to sale, offer products that the client really wants and sell more!

Ideal for Ecommerce - Products the Client Wants | E-goi

Encourage Repeat Sales

Finding it hard to increase customer loyalty? Suggest a complimentary product, immediately after the purchase, and increase your sales through upselling!

Ideal for Ecommerce - Encourage Repeat Sales | E-goi


Having trouble grabbing your client’s attention? If they haven’t opened the email, send an SMS. Is it an important message? Use a push notification or voice call! Totally automated!

Ideal for Ecommerce - Ever-Present | E-goi

Communicate with Style

Check our range of professionally designed newsletter models, ready to use and customizable with a super simple editor! Compatible with all email readers, as well as smartphone and tablet-friendly.

Ideal for Ecommerce - Communicate with Style | E-goi

And what’s more…

Ideal for Ecommerce - Loyalty Programme | E-goi

Loyalty Programme

Create special communication campaigns for your most valued clients. E-goi offers all the information you need (e.g. members purchases, total spend, etc.)

Ideal for Ecommerce - Listen to your clients | E-goi

Listen to your Clients

Send follow-up questionnaires the day after their first purchase to ask them about their experience. Feedback is valuable to avoid dissatisfaction and improve your service.

Ideal for Ecommerce - Celebrate with your Client | E-goi

Celebrate with Your Client

Who doesn’t like being remembered on their birthday? Or receiving promotions in holiday periods? Seize such opportunities to engage with your clients and sell more.

Ideal for Ecommerce - Measure Results | E-goi

Measure Results

The newsletter you sent didn’t bring the results you hoped for? Time to change your strategy. Test several versions of your newsletter and send one that had the best results.

Ideal for Ecommerce - Highlight what You Want to Sell | E-goi

Highlight what You Want to Sell

Want to make that promotional campaign more visible to your website visitors? Highlight your message with a pop-up form and capture new leads while you grow your audience.

Ideal for Ecommerce - Social Media | E-goi

Social Media

Boost the word of mouth effect. Encourage your own clients and subscribers to share your newsletter with all their friends. With E-goi, you can place share buttons anywhere in your mailing or Smart SMS.

Integration with Hundreds of Apps

The only limit is your imagination.

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Case Study The Florist

Learn how Marketing Automation has benefited a traditional business.

Ideal for Ecommerce - Case Study The Florist | E-goi

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