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What is Social One?

A Free Plan …

Social One is a plan that includes email, webpush, landing pages, creation and scheduling of posts for social networks… all 100% free!

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… to Communicate Online …

It is a practical and simple to use tool. Reach the target audience of your business with the ideal content.

… for those who do not have a Plan (but rather an objective)

It is the ideal way to start your business strategy. Fast, easy and… free!

Where should I start?

Create your strategy step by step… now!

Know your audience

Know everything about your customers. Knowing their specific needs is the key to offering them the best solutions.

Create Quality Content

Assert yourself as an authority in your business sector, creating value for your audience with your content on social networks.

Your Brand Always Present

It must be present in all channels where your customers are. Post relevant content on social media to attract the attention of your target audience.

Capture Customers

Create landing pages to capture potential customer data. Thus, you can get in touch to close a deal.

Bring them closer to your business

Customize the information you send according to each person’s needs and characteristics. Show them what your business has to offer.

Loyalty them

Don’t let the relationship end once the purchase is made. Stay in touch and pamper your customers so they keep coming back.

With the Social One Plan you can:

Capture, Customize and Communicate… for free!

Create and Schedule Social Media Posts

Create complete posts for your social networks in a few minutes. You can create and schedule your publications for the day and time you want. In addition, you have at your disposal a calendar with the most important dates so that you never lack inspiration to create your content.

Capture contacts via Web Push Notifications and send unlimited messages!

Capture contacts thanks to webpush notifications and make your company’s news appear directly in your subscribers’ browsers, even if they are not currently visiting your site. Capture your attention effectively and choose what and when you want people to receive your messages. The power of this channel is in your hands! If you join a plan before the 31st of december of 2020, your list to send web push notifications can have up to 35.000 contacts.

Create a contact list through landing pages

Landing pages are pages that you can create with our free plan and that will help to capture the contacts of people who visit your website or social network. This information will go directly to your contact list within the E-goi platform so that you can communicate with them.

Easily create your emails with the drag & drop editor

Or use the professional templates we offer! The editor is so easy to use that it will be able to create emails according to your company’s image. Add your logo, colors, images… everything you want to create a super professional email!

Drag & Drop Editor

Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Send unlimited emails to contacts who sign up for your landing pages and keep them informed of all promotions and offers! Bring the customer closer to your business through the proven efficiency of this channel. And control all your communication!

Customize communication by segmenting your list however you want

There are certainly people with different tastes and / or needs within your contact list, right? So, how about classifying them, segmenting them and sending different content to each one?

Need more features?

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