Create and Manage

Manage your contact lists: Import, remove and add contacts, create forms to grow your database and create campaigns using the free and ready to use templates or with our super simple editor!

Criação de campanhas de Email Marketing e Gestão de Contatos - E-goi

Analysis and Optimisation

Test several versions of your newsletter, observe your clients online behaviour, deliver your emails straight to the inbox and analyse the success of your campaigns!

Optimise your Campaigns to Get Better Results - E-goi

Integration with Hundreds of Apps

The only limit is your imagination.

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Learn all about E-goi’s Channels

Email, SMS, Push, Voice and Automation, all in a single online software!

Email Marketing

Email marketing made super easy! Get the ball rolling with our free newsletter templates, track your results and don’t forget to go social. The cherry on top? You’ll be using the best email editor in the world!

Smart SMS

Create Smart SMS and learn all about who read your SMS, who took the survey or who grabbed your coupon! Smart SMS messages allow you to combine text, pics, animations, video and audio for the ultimate messaging experience!

Autobots (Automation)

Automate your marketing and easily create any autoresponder or sales funnel combining email, SMS, voice calls and push messages!

Web Push Notifications

Push notifications have a visibility rate of around 90% and are perfect for communicating your online shop’s new features, the latest news on your blog and interact with your customers at exactly the right time.

Mobile Push Notifications

Behavioural marketing in your app – Engage your iPhone or Android app users with relevant, highly targeted messages. Don’t have an app? We have an app ready to use only for you and your business.

Voice Broadcasts

How about calling your clients up on a special occasion (eg. their birthday) with a pre-recorded yet personalised audio message? Just one of the cool things you can do with E-goi’s interactive voice broadcast campaigns.

Track & Engage (Tracking de Ecommerce 360º)

Analyze the behavior of customers who click on your email or website and interact with them!

Slingshot (Transactional Email and SMS)

Send transactional email and SMS targeted, lightning-fast delivery with no burden on your infrastructure.

Pop-up Forms

Turn your website visitors into qualified leads, by creating pop-up forms fully customizable!

Landing Pages

Creates pages to convert visitors to customers without having to hire a designer or have knowledge in HTML.


Stop competing in price and increase the value of each customer with your own loyalty program.

Social Media

Integrate E-goi with WordPress, Salesforce, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce and many others!