Accessing the API

The E-goi API handles HTTP and HTTPS queries, which should be sent to the following URL:

Using SOAP:
Using universal SOAP (for languages or tools not supporting standard SOAP):
Using XML-RPC:
Using RESTful: 


Virtually all API commands require a key. To locate your API key, log into your E-goi account and click the "Apps" menu. Each E-goi account has its own API key.

Please note that your E-goi account has a limit of 150 API calls per hour, so make sure your code doesn't hit us with too many queries :) 

API Commands


ErrorWhat it means
CANNOT_BE_DELETEDThe campaign is periodic or event-triggered and cannot be deleted using the API
ALREADY_DELETEDThe campaign has already been deleted
CAMPAIGN_NOT_FOUNDThe campaign was not found
CANNOT_EDIT_CAMPAIGNThe campaign is being sent out (or is in a non-editable status) and cannot be currently edited
CAMPAIGN_NOT_VALIDThe campaign or campaign template is not valid
BIRTH_DATE_ALREADY_EXISTSThe birthdate already exists in the mailing list
LIST_NOT_FOUNDThe mailing list was not found
MESSAGE_TOO_LONGThe message exceeds 160 characters in length
INVALID_FILEThe ZIP file is not valid
NO_ACCESSMissing API key or no permission to perform this action
BIRTH_DATE_REQUIREDThe birthdate already exists in the mailing list
LIST_MISSINGMissing mailing list
NO_MORE_LISTS_ALLOWEDThe maximum number of mailing lists in your account has been reached
NO_MESSAGEMissing campaign message contents
NO_PASSWORDMissing password
SUBSCRIBER_MISSINGMissing subscriber e-mail or reference number
FIELD_NAME_MISSINGMissing extra field name
SEGMENT_NAME_MISSINGMissing segment name
LIST_MISSINGMissing mailing list
NO_SUBSCRIBERSMissing contacts to import
NO_COMPARE_FIELDMissing fields to compare by
NO_ZIP_FILEMissing ZIP file
NO_SUBJECTE-mail subject missing
INVALID_FROMMissing/incorrect sender code or the sender hasn't been validated yet in E-goi
NO_MESSAGEMessage contents missing
FAX_REQUIREDMissing fax number
NO_FAX_FILEMissing fax file
NO_AUDIO_FILEMissing audio file
NO_SUBJECTMissing campaign title
NO_USERNAMEMissing username
NO_PASSWORDMissing password
NO_USERNAME_AND_PASSWORDMissing username and password
SEGMENT_NAME_MISSINGMissing segment name
NO_CELLPHONE_OR_TELEPHONEMissing mobile or phone number
FIRST_NAME_REQUIREDMissing first name
TELEPHONE_REQUIREDMissing phone number
EMAIL_REQUIREDMissing e-mail address
NO_CAMPAIGNMissing campaign hash
LAST_NAME_REQUIREDMissing last name
NO_SEARCH_FIELDSMissing fields to run the search on
CANNOT_ADD_MORE_SUBSCRIBERSNo more subscribers can be added (your account's subscriber limit has been exceeded)
MAX_SUBSCRIBERS_FILE_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDThe amount of subscribers you're adding exceeds 50 MB in size
SUBSCRIBER_DATA_CANNOT_BE_EDITEDThe subscription information could not be edited because the subscriber has been removed
NO_SEGMENTS_FOUNDNo segment found
INVALID_URLCould not load the contents of the external webpage URL
NO_DATA_TO_INSERTNo new data has been entered for this subscriber
INVALID_FILEThe imported file is not valid or is not in the correct file format
FILE_TOO_LARGEThe imported file is larger than 8 MB in size
FIELD_NOT_FOUNDThe extra field was not found
EXTRA_FIELD_XX_ALREADY_EXISTSThe extra field XX already exists in the mailing list
INVALID_EXTRA_FIELDAn extra field has an invalid name or contains invalid data
FAX_ALREADY_EXISTSThe fax number already exists in the mailing list
INVALIDThe username is not valid
FIST_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTSThe first name already exists in the mailing list
SEGMENT_NOT_FOUNDThe segment has not been found in the mailing list
LAST_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTSThe last name already exists in the mailing list
SUBSCRIBER_ALREADY_REMOVEDThe subscriber has already been removed
SUBSCRIBER_NOT_FOUNDSubscriber not found
SUBSCRIBER_FORMAT_ERRORThe format of the mobile, telephone or fax number is not valid
TELEPHONE_ALREADY_EXISTSThe phone number already exists in the mailing list
INVALID_TYPEThe extra field type is not valid
EMAIL_ALREADY_EXISTSThe e-mail already exists in the mailing list
EMAIL_ADDRESS_INVALID_DOESNT_EXISTThe e-mail address does not exist
EMAIL_ADDRESS_INVALIDThe e-mail address is invalid (syntax error)
EMAIL_ADDRESS_INVALID_MX_ERRORThe e-mail address is invalid (MX record error)
CANNOT_SEND_CAMPAIGNThe campaign cannot be sent out because either the subscriber status is "removed" or that subscriber has an invalid field
INTERNAL_ERRORAn internal server problem occurred


Each mailing list in E-goi can have its own callback URL. To set it up, simply login to your E-goi account, edit the settings of your mailing list, click on the "API" section and enter your URL in the "Callback URL" text box.

Once you have set up your callback URL, E-goi will return data to that URL whenever the selected actions in "Notifications" (in that same "API" section) occur.

The E-goi callback is usually running on the default port 80. If you need to use another port, please contact us.