Smart Marketing E-goi Plugin SalesForce

Your Sales on Automated Pilot Mode. 24/7

Why use this plugin?

To Save Time

Optimize one-to-one interaction between you salespeople and the client using marketing insights.

Sales Intelligence

Discover the stage the client is in and help your salespeople to close the deal.

Build a Persona

Get to know your client like no one else. Ensure the sale and his/her satisfaction. He/she will come back for more.

What can I do with this plugin?

To Syncronize Contacts

Let the plugin do all the work for you.
All your CRM records will automatically be registered on E-goi.

Magento E-goi
SalesForce E-goi

Detailed Tracking

Did your client open the newsletter?
Did he/she click several times on that product?
Get to know all that happens, to the slightest detail.Data will be made available on your CRM.

Content and Dynamic Segmentation

Do you want to send a newsletter addressed only to those that opened and clicked on your products? How about segmenting using geolocation?
Customize your content and segment your audience according to their interests.

Interaja com os seus clientes de forma automática - E-goi
Magento E-goi

Lead Nurturing

With E-goi, sales happen on their own! It is easy to automate your prospecting, pre and post-sale.
Nurture your leads and improve the efficiency of all your commercial strategy.

Interested? Need more features?

We develop the integration tailored to your needs.