Financial Marketing: Total Diligence and Security

Dematerialise your communications with a robust and trustworthy software.

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How E-goi can help you with Financial Marketing

The Reliability of your Own Secure Structure

Dedicated servers installed at your own bank. Maximum-security databases in compliance with GDPR.

Ideal for Financial Marketing - The Reliability of your Own Secure Structure | E-goi

Total Privacy, as Required

Secure transactions via SMS token. Redundancy service with a 99% uptime guarantee.

Ideal for Financial Marketing - Total privacy, as required | E-goi

Reduce the Risk of Default

Send reminders for the payment of loans, debts or for any other payment deadlines.

Ideal for Financial Marketing - Reduce the risk of default | E-goi

Learn More about those who Trust You

Don’t waste E-goi’s behavioral information: get to know your client like no one else, and send the right message, at the right time.

Ideal for Financial Marketing - Learn More about those who trust you | E-goi

Mobile Banking like you’ve Never Seen Before

Use push notifications to communicate through your bank’s app, about new financial products, interest rate fluctuations, among others.

Ideal for Financial Marketing - Mobile Banking like you've never seen before | E-goi

Sell them Exactly what they are Looking for

Is the client looking for a financial product to invest their money? Get ahead and offer them exactly what they’re looking for.

Ideal for Financial Marketing - Sell them exactly what they are looking for | E-goi

Stay Ahead of the Competition

If a subscriber hasn’t opened your email, just text them a Smart SMS! You mean it’s a really important notice? Go for a push notification! The whole thing is done automatically!

Ideal for Financial Marketing - Stay ahead of the competition | E-goi

And what’s more…

Ideal for Financial Marketing - Sell More with better offers | E-goi

Sell More with Better Offers

Each client has different characteristics. Send only the most relevant information to your clients.

Ideal for Financial Marketing - Always know where you need to improve | E-goi

Always know Where you Need to Improve

There is nothing more important than client satisfaction. Use E-goi’s forms and questionnaires to carry out satisfaction surveys.

Ideal for Financial Marketing - The robusteness you need | E-goi

The Robustness you Need

You can never be too careful when dealing with confidential data. Our experienced IT team is on hand to help you with all of the necessary security measures.