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Facebook Marketing: Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook Audiences, Remarketing

Shares, likes, comments… and what about sales? E-goi’s facebook marketing helps you transform your audience into qualified leads for your business.

We have all the pieces. Only one is left. You!

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How can this Plugin help me with my Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Integrating your E-goi account with Facebook makes possible to automate lots of tasks and exponentially increase deal opportunities.

Lead Generation with Facebook Lead Ads

Is your Facebook’s organic reach decreasing day after day? Invest in Facebook Lead Ads and create ads that will help you grow your mailing list to create more business opportunities.

Facebook Marketing- Lead Generation with Facebook Lead Ads | E-goi

Don’t Miss on Potential Clients with Facebook Audiences

A lead engaged with your ad but never reached the main goal? Create multiple variations or deliver new ads to “Custom Audiences” through segments of your mailing list. E-goi allows you also to insert a Facebook Pixel on your Landing Pages and Forms.

Facebook Marketing- Don't Miss on Potential Clients with Facebook Audiences | E-goi

Grow your Mailing List with Facebook Instant Articles

Do you have a Fan Page with thousands of followers but can’t reach them on Facebook? You should immediately publish an E-goi Subscription Form on your Facebook page or integrate E-goi with your Instant Articles to start growing a fan base that you can truly own.

Facebook Marketing - Grow your Mailing List with Facebook Instant Articles | E-goi

Your Newsletters Will Go Viral

Bring Facebook Marketing to your newsletters. Let people comment on your email campaign and use the social share buttons to let your costumers recommend you and your best deals to their family and friends.

Facebook Marketing - Your Newsletters Will Go Viral | E-goi

Why integrate?

Facebook Marketing - to save time | E-goi

To Save Time

E-goi automatically publishes your campaigns on the feed of your profile or fan page.

Facebook Marketing- Increase traffic | E-goi

Increase Traffic

Promote the word to mouth and reach a wider audience on Facebook by taking advantage of the share buttons.

Facebook Marketing - Generate revenue | E-goi

Generate revenue

Increase your contact list. You can turn leads into loyal clients and increase your revenue.

They already grew their mailing list with E-goi. What about you?

Luciano Larrosa | E-goi

“E-goi allows me to work my email marketing fully integrated with Facebook, quickly and without major complications. And the service is the best I have ever seen!”

Luciano Larrosa – Social Media Specialist e App Tips