Whatsapp Leads – Start a conversation in two clicks

Convert a lead and start immediately a conversation on Whatsapp!

Why should you choose E-goi for Whatsapp Leads?

Great Market Reach

80% of Internet users, aged 16 to 64, use Whatsapp
(source: Digital 2021)

It’s immediate

In a simple and intuitive process, it can communicate effectively with potential customers, in an app with millions of users.

… Customizable

You can install the form on the page where you want to capture the contact: on the homepage, on the product page, etc.

…and very close!

The contact made via Whatsapp Leads can be part of a multichannel nutrition flow, all powered by E-goi.

Increase your market reach immediately!

Convert potential customers interested in your services into loyal customers!

Implement Whatsapp form within minutes!

Whatsapp Leads can be activated via E-goi Tag Manager. If you have E-goi Tag Manager previously installed, just activate “Whatsapp Forms”, with no need for a new flow. Don’t have E-goi tag manager yet? No problem! Just copy and paste the generated script into the web page.

Add your personal touch!

Whatsapp leads’ template at E-goi is literally tailored to you! You can edit the form’s style, such as colors or fonts. All fields, titles and submit button can be configured, as well as the location of the floating icon.

More than a (phone) number…

Add extra fields that may be important to your business: email, full name, occupation, among others.

Immediately follow-up!

With E-goi’s marketing automation, accelerate your potential customer’s journey. A visitor submitted a contact in the form but did not start the conversation on Whatsapp? Take the opportunity to send an email to reinforce your team’s availability.

Connected sites: All E-goi communication on your site!

Link your website to your E-goi account and activate our communication channels in a few clicks: Track & Engage, Pop-up Forms, WhatsApp Leads and On-site Messaging.

Ready to increase your business reach?

Yes, let’s do this!