The Power of Digital for Your Physical Store

The client relationship goes far beyond the basic in-store service.

We walk alongside big brands:

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Create Loyalty and Sell More to Each Client

The client hasn’t bought in your physical store for 40 days. They accessed your online store, but didn’t buy anything. Two days later, if they haven’t opened the newsletter and still haven’t made the purchase, they are sent an SMS with the same offer.

Create Loyalty and Sell More to Each Client - E-goi

Seize the Opportunity

Do you know that the client has already searched for that product in your online shop? Is there a physical store in that city which has that product in stock, where the client could pass by? Seize the moment and send them a personalised push notification.

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The Best of Online in Your Physical Store

The client was browsing product X in your online store for more than 5 minutes and left without buying. They return to the physical store 2 days later and immediately receive an SMS with a 10% discount on product X, valid on purchases over € 50.

The Best of Online in Your Physical Store - E-goi

Free Templates

Check our range of professionally designed newslettermodels, that are ready to use and customisable with a super simple editor! Compatible with all email readers, as well as smartphone and tablet-friendly.

Free Templates - E-goi

Spoil your Costumers

Who doesn’t like being remembered on their birthday? Or receiving promotions in holiday periods? Seize such opportunities to engage with your clients and sell more.

Spoil your Clients - E-goi

Gain New Clients

How many clients go to your shop daily, without buying? Every time someone visits your shop, it’s a potential client. Don’t miss the opportunity and offer samples or projects in exchange for sign-up.

Gain New Clients - E-goi

And what’s more…

A/B Testing

The newsletter you sent didn’t bring the results you hoped for? It’s time to change your strategy. Test several versions of your newsletter and send one that had the best results.

Premeie os Melhores Clientes

Reward your Best Clients

The client went to your shop to buy, but hasn’t been back for years? Create loyalty rewards for your shop, by awarding points or discount vouchers to encourage them to return.

Highlight your Products/Services

Regularly send your shop’s new product arrivals or latest promotions and attract clients to your physical shop.

Integration with Hundreds of Apps

The only limit is your imagination.

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