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Efficient Team Management

Perfect for large teams. With E-goi you can create and edit access permissions for your team, including access to your contact lists, mailing permissions, payment, among others.

Efficient Team Management E-goi
Save Time - E-goi

Save Time

So the client asked you to send that same newsletter again? Use E-goi’s templates and set everything up only once. E-goi will take care of it by itself!

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Show Results

Showing detailed results of your campaigns by contact, lists, campaign or for a time period, and demonstrate outcomes. Automate this process by sending automatic and regular reports to your client.

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Show Results - E-goi

Present Creative Solutions and Beat the Competition

We got the tools. Send an SMS to those who visited your clients online store and left without buying, or a voice message for those who didn’t open the email, so that you reach the entire list.

Present Creative Solutions and Beat the Competition - E-goi

Less is More

Segment your list using the interaction history of campaigns sent via E-goi or even through the browsing history of your clients website, optimising the results.

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Show up at the Right Time - E-goi
Don't Lose a Single Business Opportunity - E-goi

Don't Lose a Single Business Opportunity

Your advertising is working perfectly. Now what? Create landing pages and forms to integrate with your ads and don’t lose sight of single business opportunity for your clients.

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And what’s more…

Automate your Communication

Setup automatic and regular email campaigns with your clients website content, saving time on campaign creation.
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White Label

Don’t you want your customers to know which platform you are using? Don’t worry, the forms and e-mail messages you send from your client’s account, will have no mention to E-goi.
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Opt for direct billing to your client, or to your own agency.

Efficacy Test

Optimise your campaigns’ results with A/B testing (split test).
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Monetise Contracting Services

Contract a plan with an unlimited number of mailings, for example, to manage campaigns for several clients, then charge them whatever you want.

Take E-goi with You

Check your campaign results wherever you are with the TinyGoi app. Available for both Android and iOS.

Integration with Hundreds of Apps

The only limit is your imagination.

Free No Obligation 30-Day Trial

If you’re not satisfied we’ll give you your money back. No credit card necessary.

Become a Partner Agency

Check out the benefits that Partner Agencies have and rely on E-goi to multiply your growth.