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Who is it for?

Affiliates, Infoproducers, and Influencers

Numerous tools and resources for those who want to monetize their online presence, with the best support and without any investment.

Marketing and Sales Consultants

Make your E-goi recommendations one of the biggest slices of your billing, even when you no longer work with recommended customers.

Marketing and Web Agencies

Increase earnings per customer with the security of recommending one of the best marketing platforms in the industry.

What they say about us

The home of the biggest names in Digital Marketing

“There will hardly be a program in the market with the service and resources that E-goi Affiliates offers! For those who work in this area, look no further …”

Luciano Larrossa –

Recurring Commissions!



Earn 30% recurring commissions on all E-goi plans that the clients subscribe, forever and multi-tiered!

How Does it Work?

It’s very simple! By becoming an E-goi Affiliate, you will have not only an exclusive Affiliate Link, but also exclusive discount vouchers and other features.

All accounts e created on E-goi via this link or use your discount code and make a payment will earn you a percentage of that and any other payments you make in the future.


With E-goi, Affiliates have an exclusive dashboard where they can monitor views, clicks, accounts created, sales and commissions earned, in real-time.

Exponential growth

You can also earn commissions if you bring in other affiliates. They will also be associated to you, earning you 30% on their commissions. Unlimited number of tiers!

Dedicated Manager

Either for questioning or to simply deliver some suggestions, you’ll always be able to reach an E-goi Affiliate Manager, who will help you achieving the results you are looking for.

Super Tracking

The E-goi Affiliate Program uses dozens of different advanced tracking methods to ensure that all visitors you bring in are identified and returned a commission.

Programa de Afiliados - Tracking de Visitas | E-goi

What resources do I have at my disposal?

Ideal para Afiliados - Banners | E-goi


We offer banners in several formats, already customized with your Affiliate link. Want to bring in new customers? Prefer bringing new Affiliates? No problem. We have banners for all purposes and languages.

Ideal para Afiliados - Landing Pages Temáticas | E-goi

Themed Landing Pages

You’ll have high conversion landing pages, ready for you to generate visits (using your affiliate code) and thus generate more accounts associated to you. If you prefer, ANY page of the E-goi website is ready to receive your referrals.

Ideal para Afiliados - Cookie de Longa Duração | E-goi

Long-term Cookie

Whenever you bring a visitor to E-goi’s website, blog or landing page, using your Affiliate link, they will be associated to you for the next 60 days! During that time, if that visitor creates an E-goi account, you will receive the respective commissions for all payments made.

Ideal para Afiliados - Conteúdos | E-goi

First Steps Course

Need inspiration for creating content? Don’t worry! You can generate visits to E-goi blog using your Affiliate code. All clients that come via your link will be “yours”!
Meet our blog »

Ideal para Afiliados - Comparativos | E-goi


Want to write a comparison article? We have comparatives with dozens of competitors, ready to be consulted or simply shared using your Affiliate code.

Email Marketing - E-goi

Exclusive Webinars

We’ll notify you by email the moment you’ve made a sale.

Affiliate Vouchers

Attract more and better customers with your unique discount code! Whoever uses it becomes yours! Any payments this customer client makes in the future will give you a commission.

Special Campaigns

Special campaigns are launched regularly so you can maximize your earnings. These could be CPL, CPC, or other campaigns …

Detailed Reports

Track your results as an E-goi Affiliate with the advanced reporting you’ll have at your disposal. Conversions by channel, traffic source, landing page, and more.

How much do I have to pay?

Being an E-goi Affiliate is free of charge, and we provide all the resources you need completely free of charge.

Are there minimum requirements to enter?

No. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their level of experience and will not go through any approval process.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn. Commissions are always a% of all payments you generate. If you get X customers to pay Y every month for Z years, then you will receive a 30% commission (10% for balance shipments) from all these payments.

Where can I use the winnings?

Where you want and when you want! Whenever you wish to redeem your earnings, simply request directly from your dashboard. The amount you want to will be transferred to your PayPal account.

Will I have differentiated care?

Yes, by becoming an E-goi Affiliate, you will have a manager, you can turn to if you have any questions or need any suggestions to improve your results.

Why should I opt for the E-goi program?

In addition to the excellent recurring commissions, the numerous features of the E-goi platform and all the channels it offers make it very easy to market and sell, regardless of your audience sector. Just show them the benefits of using E-goi.

I only earn a commission for sales?

No. You can also bring in new Affiliates and earn a percentage of their commissions. If you bring in several active Affiliates that generate sales regularly, you will monetize them all. We also usually run special short-term campaigns where you can earn for every lead you generate.

How do I know this program is for me?

This program is suitable for any marketing, sales, or web professional. If you are an Affiliate, Producer, Digital Influencer, Marketing and Sales Consultant, Marketing Agency, Blogger, Commercial or Vendor, Software House, Designer or Web Developer, Software or Integrator, then it is the program for you!

How to start?

Becoming an E-goi Affiliate is very simple! Just create an E-goi Affiliate account HERE (…signup.php) and get started!