The real Egoian

Equipa E-goi

About us

We’re a bunch of kids with grown ups plans: to be the best in the world. To reach it we give our  maximum.  All.  With the help of everyone. 

So, when you join us, you’re not joining a team – you will become a member our E-goi family. Together ;)  

Our clients challenge us every day – and we have thousands of clients, from the micro-blogger to the multinational giant!. Do you love challenges? Then join us!

What we do

We build software to companies who love passionate audiences. Our software is E-goi: a marketing automation multi-channel tool. It’s our passion and we’re sure it will also be yours.


Why join us? What’s In It For You?

  • Wage according to your experience and skills
  • Monthly performance bonuses
  • Health insurance (with special perks if you have kids)
  • You are free to come in and go out work at your schedule
  • You are free to go on holidays whenever you want
  • A creative, exciting and super fun setting
  • We tug you and you tug us - nobody is by itself
  • Lots of projects that you'll love and will make your career go forward
  • Super-cool facilities with terrace, barbecue and games room (PlayStation, ping pong...)
  • Coffee, cake and fruit at your description and a fully equipped kitchen
  • Don't have home here? Don't worry. We help you to rent one
  • We pay you all the training you want to

Meanwhile, in Instagram...

We are looking for...

Frontend Developer


Can any child use the UX you build? Are you an expert on scalable and sustainable interfaces? We want you!

Backend Developer


Do you hate Ghetto Code? Do you love to scale a structure to its limits? So, do we. We want you!

Mobile Developer


Are You, IOS and Android joined at the hip? Do you fancy romantic details such as CoreData, REST and XCode? Your love story is to be continued… with us!

UX Designer/Developer


Do you like being meticulous and questioning the elements of an application? Can you paint a picture with the same ease that you can design an interface? If so, E-goi will be your canvas!

DevOps Engineer


You hate to code that is stale? You're always proud after your commits? So you're the one we're looking for!

QA Manager/Software Tester


You're obsessed with perfection? Your tests can pierce a code made bulletproof? So bring your special vest and join us!



Do you feel like a fish out of water when you’re not online? Do you dream of being part of a team immersed in the web environment? Then, your chance is here and now!

Spontaneous application


Our daily motto comes in question form: today more than you did yesterday? If your answer is yes, then join our family!