E-goi abides by a zero-tolerance spam policy and takes strict measures to enforce it, including, but no limited to, automatically screening and reviewing all contact databases imported by clients to E-goi as well as all messages sent by clients to these databases using E-goi.

At the sole discretion of E-goi, any client account suspected to be transmitting or otherwise connected with spam will be immediately suspended, with no entitlement to any refund, and appropriate civil, criminal or administrative action will be taken against the client and those assisting the client. Please report to us any suspected abuse or violation of this policy.

Fighting spam

On sign-up

By accepting this Anti-Spam Policy, E-goi clients agree that their contact acquisition method requires the contact to provide their prior express consent (opt-in) and that it clearly states the reason for collecting the contact's information, as well as the type of communications the contact will receive after signing up.


On removal

E-goi clients agree that every message sent by E-goi contains both an unsubscribe link (allowing contacts to immediately and automatically opt-out from the client's database) and the client’s own contact information, such as a phone number or postal address (allowing contacts to request to be manually removed). If you received messages sent via E-goi which you somehow could not opt out from or if you wish to remove your contact information from all databases used by E-goi clients, please contact us. You can also reach us at the following address and phone numbers:

Av. Menéres, 834
4450-190 Matosinhos

Phone/mobile: +44 (0) 203 608 0284
Fax: +351 229 363 774 

How does E-goi define spam?

E-goi defines spam as messages:
- Sent to any contact databases without the knowledge and prior consent of the contacts included therein to receive those messages.
- Sent to contacts in a database who have requested to be removed from that database.
- Exclusively meant to mass-acquire contacts in exchange for commissions.
- That do not have a valid, verifiable sender identification.
- Containing any false or misleading information (including pyramid schemes or advance payment for games of chance how-tos) or promoting racist, abusive, exploitative or discriminating activity in the message subject line or body.

What type of communications does E-goi allow?

E-goi clients can send messages only to contacts who have previously opted in to receive those messages, who did so with permission from the holder of parental responsibility if they're younger than 18 years old, who have been clearly informed about the type of information they will receive (and how often) prior to opting in and who are able to opt out at any time from receiving those messages.

How do we collect information and what do we do with it?

We do not automatically collect any type of personal information from you while you are browsing our site.

For each visit, our site will store one or more cookies (text files) in your computer to track and customise your browsing experience. These cookies do not keep personal information and you can always control their installation using your web browser.

Find below the cookies we use and why:

These are Google Analytics cookies. They are used to collect information about how visitors use our site, which helps us improve it. Information is collected anonymously, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited (more about Google privacy).
concrete5This cookie is set by Concrete5, the system we use to build and manage our site. The cookie determines which page groups a visitor has access to. It's automatically created by Concrete5 and is not used by us for any other purpose.

Personal information that you enter voluntarily when signing up for an E-goi account will only be used by us to provide you with the E-goi service associated to that account. We will never supply this information to third parties without prior authorization from you.

Accessing an E-goi account always requires prior validation and can be secured over SSL encryption. Access to every account is automatically logged and monitored. All information gathered and processed is stored in professionally managed datacenters with tight 24/7 security.

We run regular multi-tier security tests on the E-goi site and services, which are also equipped with a number of safeguards to prevent abuse and outside intrusion.

We send periodic emails to clients and visitors who opt in to receive our mailings. We measure opens by inserting a trackable image (also known as beacon) in the email. When downloaded by recipients, the image allows us to know which recipients opened the email.