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SMS Marketing

Your texts, delivered

Our carrier-grade gateways ensure deliverability. Go cheapie, block-prone at your own risk!

Dead numbers no more!

Still wasting your SMS on landline or invalid numbers? E-goi auto-purges them off your list!

Highest value for money

Quick, confirmed delivery, full tracking and reporting, plus e-commerce integration, all from €0,04 per text!

Try it free!

You can get your SMS marketing campaign up and running right now!

Importing contacts is a breeze

Upload your Excel file or simply copy and paste your list of numbers. It'll be quickly imported in the background (feel free to do other things in E-goi or even close your browser). You can also set as many fields as needed (eg. "city", "customer type", etc.) to create unlimited segments in your list.

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Segmente e poupe nos custos!

Slice your list, slash your costs

Do you have your contacts' email address in addition to their mobile number? Wait, no need to text your whole list! Just email your contacts, stand by for 24 hours and then send your SMS to non-openers only. E-goi's tag-based segmentation makes this a doddle.

Oh, you can save further still!

That's right. If your list includes mobile numbers only, text those folks a Smart SMS with an "update your subscription" mini-survey asking them to provide you with their email address. You can then use E-goi to engage them with highly targeted emails, cutting down on your SMS messaging costs further.

Integração com e-commerce

Smart SMS

A powerful, smarter SMS allowing you to display pics and videos in your texts (perfect to showcase your products), find out what makes your customers tick and send them mobile QR codes and social-shareable texts. All for the same price as a standard SMS!


Rolling out the prime auto-responders in the galaxy straight to your mobile marketing! From a no-frills SMS follow-up series to a complex triggered life-cycle funnel, E-goi's Autobots will handle anything you throw at them.


E-commerce and CRM integration

Do you have your own site or online store? Use E-goi's Track & Engage or our API to have it send transactional SMS texts (Slingshot) and trigger actions when visitors browse pages or buy items. It can even automatically win back abandoned carts for you! The integration is effortless and works on any site.

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Push channel

Push adds behavioural push marketing to your store's mobile app! "I've got no app", you say? Just use ours!

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Message personalisation

Connect one-on-one with your customers! Use their name or any field in your database as a merge tag for your SMS (which can also include your name as sender)!

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Technical support

We'll be on hand to help you at all times. You'll get a dedicated account manager, helpdesk and chat/phone support.

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Fully documented

E-goi is child's play to use, but our how-tos and video tutorials will also help get you started in no time!

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Squeaky-clean list

When importing your contacts, E-goi will automatically filter out misspelt and duped numbers.

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URL/FTP import

No need for manual imports! If you keep your latest customer database on a website or FTP server, E-goi can go fetch it anytime you want!

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Need dedicated resources? We are on hand to help you with our corporate solutions!

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Our white-label option is just the thing for agencies and list brokers!

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All for only:

Per SMS, Smart SMS or Slingshot text

No setup costs, no monthly fees, no hassle.

Special rates available for large, frequent senders!

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