Message/sender customisation

Multichannel personalisation: email, SMS and voice call - Merge any field in your database!

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Engage face-to-face with clients

Simply type "Hi, !fname!" and E-goi will automatically convert it for you into "Hi, John!", "Hi, Susan", etc.

Highly customised messages

"Happy 20th birthday, Jen! Use code HB361 to get 20% off at the Red Lion! Come and party with us!"

Works for every channel

Personalise your emails, texts and voice broadcasts.

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More cool features? We've got them!

costumized sender

Custom sender

You can use any email address, name or number as the sender of your email, SMS and voice broadcasts (as long as the sender has been previously validated by us).


How about sending your clients a single newsletter which dynamically displays gadget deals for males and perfume discounts for females? E-goi's if-based templating makes this a no-brainer. Just the thing for Valentine's, Christmas and clearance sales!

custom links

Email merge links

"View in browser", "unsubscribe", "share" and any other action links can be customised and placed anywhere in your mailing (and not just on the top or bottom).

Unlimited merge tags

E-goi allows you to use any field in your database to personalise your messages (name, email, mobile, subscription date, store, city, country, purchase history, etc., etc., etc.).

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qr code generator

QR codes

Want to bring patrons to your physical store? Simply send your smartphone-carrying clients an email containing a QR code with a discount coupon (E-goi can generate both for you) which your customers can then redeem in-store.


E-goi is able to automatically insert personalised barcodes in your emails. Subscribers can use them to get discounts, buy tickets or book attendance by simply popping up in your store or venue and showing their email with the barcode for scanning. Simple and effective!

bar code generator