Automated contact segmentation, improved list hygiene and increased effectiveness

funcionalidades segmentacao

Reach out to engaged customers

E-goi gives you a host of ready-made segments for you to target your audience with relevant contents.

Powerful, effortless segmenting

From "Hotmail users" to advanced stuff like "Everyone who signed up in Bristol on 02-04-12, except non-openers".

Cut down on costs

Do you send offers via email and SMS? Have E-goi text only those people who haven't opened your email!

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More cool features? We've got them!

funcionalidades segmentacao geografica

Geographical segmentation

Need to announce an event in France but don't know which of your contacts are located in that country? Don't fret, by geolocating your subscribers on the fly whenever they open your mailings, E-goi automatically filters them for you!

Behavioural segmentation

How about rewarding subscribers with the most opens and clicks? Or perhaps re-engaging old, dormant contacts who rarely click through? It's simplicity in itself with E-gois's ready-to-use segments. Ideal for cleansing and monetising your database!

behavioural auto segmentation
social segmentation

Social segmentation

Who's sharing your newsletter on Facebook? How many likes and tweets? E-goi stores this in segments so you can easily reward your greatest fans with a "thank you" discount or exclusive contents!

Unlimited segments

E-goi can use any field in your database as a segmentation tool. Combine multiple segments (eg. London, Birmingham and Leeds customers), invert any criteria (eg all customers except those who signed-up on a specific date) and more! You can even have E-goi's opt-in forms auto-sort website visitors into segments.

ilimited custom segmention fields


The easiest way to quickly slice and dice your contact list! Tag your contacts any way you want (say, "VIP", "hot lead", etc.) and off you go! It's that simple. Check out why you'll just love this!