Multichannel Reports

Real-time opens, clickthroughs, bounces, behaviour data, location tracking and social stats!

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Forget about Outlook's read receipts. E-goi gives you opens, clickthroughs, referrals, opt-outs and more!

Multichannel reporting

E-goi also provides you with detailed results for SMS and voice calls. The one tool to do it all!

Painless exporting

A click is all it takes to export our stats for number crunching. 

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More cool features? We've got them!

geographical report

Geographical tracking

Learn where in the world people are opening your newsletter. You can then use this info to geotarget your campaigns!

Results comparison

Did yesterday's campaign do better than last week's? Are your top clickers men or women? The answer is just a click away!

compare segments statistics
social report

Social media report

Who's forwarding your emails to friends? Who brought new sign-ups? How often was your newsletter shared on Facebook, Twitter and other networks? E-goi has the answers.

Time-based reports

Monitor your performance over time and find out the best day and time to send your mailings.

hour weekly evolution
mobile providers report

SMS and phone report

How many SMS were delivered? Can I have a breakdown by network? What about voice calls? Not to worry, you'll find the answers in E-goi's multichannel reports.


Find out which subscribers open, click and forward the most. Learn all about your top-clicked links. E-goi even shows you whether your subscribers are using Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail (and others) or a smartphone!

behavioural contact report
custom reports

Advanced reports

If you need to dig deeper, just have E-goi generate an advanced custom report and select the metrics, mailings, time range and subscriber fields you want to include.

Click maps

Where are your subscribers clicking the most? Easy, simply take a look at your newsletter's clickmap overlay and learn from their habits.