Unlimited multichannel follow-up messages: Easily create and send welcome and birthday messages.


Unlimited autoresponders

Create any number of automatic follow-up mailings spread over any period of time.

Convert leads into clients

Add an opt-in form to your site, set up a sequential autoresponder and E-goi will take it from there!

Auto-update your database

Encourage subscribers to provide extra info (eg. mobile, city, etc.) by sending them a timely "update your subscription" offer.

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More cool features? We've got them!

funcionalidades publicacao mensagem boas vindas

Welcome messages

E-goi forms automatically send new subscribers a welcome message (which you can fully customise, of course).

funcionalidades publicacao autoresponders

Sequential autoresponders

Just the ticket to automate your CRM messaging (email 1 day after sign-up, then 1 week later and then 1 month later).

funcionalidades publicacao campanhas aniversario automaticas

Anniversary messages

Too much trouble sending a happy birthday deal to your clients? Don't worry, just use E-goi's "Aniversary" trigger and let it do the hard work!

funcionalidades publicacao triggers


Feel free to setup trigger-based messages based on specific subscriber actions (eg. open or clickthrough)!

funcionalidades publicacao envio recorrente

Recurring schedule

Setting up daily, weekly or monthly newsletters is a doodle in E-goi.


How about having E-goi automatically follow up on your email only to those people who haven't opened it? Easy-peasy!