5001 Plan Temporarily Inactive

Plan 5001 is temporarily inactive but you can request your access below and you will receive a message when it becomes available.

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Your benefits

Why so generous?

We did the math for bloggers and SMBs, looked at our media budget and came up with a plan – the 5001 plan! As long as your number of subscribers doesn’t exceed 5001, you can send up to 15,000 e-mails a month forever. We want everyone to do great marketing automation – not just million-pound companies.

Your benefits

Unlimited email marketing

E-goi’s 5001 plan brings you no-holds-barred email marketing. 15,000 sends and all major features available! The only big difference between this and standard E-goi plans? Your emails will include a small ad and you won’t have dedicated support from our tech folks (don’t worry, our KB, video tutorials and online training cover all bases).

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Your benefits

Marketing Automation

Rolling out the prime auto-responders and sales funnels in the galaxy straight to your blog or SMB. From a no-frills follow-up series to a complex triggered life-cycle funnel, E-goi’s Autobots handle anything you throw at them! This feature, worth thousands of pounds alone, is now yours – simply pay it with love!

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How many emails can I send out?

You can send up to 15,000 e-mails a month, non cumulative.

Why so generous?

Marketing automation is the future. And the future belongs to everyone – including bloggers and SMBs. The 5001 plan is our gift to you.

Does the 5001 plan include all major E-goi features?

Yes, such as email marketing, marketing automation, mobile marketing, push and e-commerce tools.

Will I get help?

All our help resources are available to you (how-tos, video tutorials and a full training course), except for dedicated tech support.