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E-goi allows two-factor authentication through the generation and validation of unique and temporary tokens, via Email, SMS or Push.

Data qualification

Register all phone numbers verified at authentication and add them to your database


Our technology is compatible with multiple channels so that their users receive the token


Servers, operator integration and data processing performed by E-Goi. Ready to be deployed autonomously in less than 1 hour.

GDPR Compliance

Overcome security issues in your services to increase your brand’s popularity and attract potential customers

Our Approach

Integration of your database in your E-goi’s account:

  • Initial settings and data import


  • Recurring and configurable alerts with acceptance log.

Multichannel token generation:

  • ending tokens through the most relevant channel for your audience (SMS, Email, Webpush, Push API).

Detailed reports:

  • Messages delivered, opened and clicked, bounces and removals, etc.

How can we help

  • Increase message open rates by delivering it through the proper channel (at all times)
  • Easily apply automated and intelligent transactional processes
  • Generate relevant multi-channel user experiences
  • Detailed reports on your multichannel campaigns

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Desenhadas para entregar a melhor experiência de utilizador e assim aumentar a conversão, a retenção, a satisfação de cliente e o customer lifetime value

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Comportamento do consumidor Instore

Loyalty Automation

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Retail Touchless Experience

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Customer pays by credit card

Customer makes payment request by credit card to his bank entity


Bank Entity Payment Verification

Bank system invokes E-goi multichannel transactional model for token sending


E-goi generates a Token

Transactional E-goi sends the token using push notification first.


Multichannel code sending

Since the App notification wasn’t open, the token is sent by SMS 10 seconds later.

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Designed to deliver high-level customer experiences that result in increased conversions, retention, costumer satisfaction and increased customer lifetime

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Consumer Instore behaviour

Loyalty Automation

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Customer Profiling

InStore Tailored Recommendations

Retail Touchless Experience

InStore Customer Scanner