Automated Database Management

Easily manage contact lists: import your email, mobile or telephone databases.

Automate database chores

Still manually adding and deleting unsubscribers? E-goi does it all for you.

Say goodbye to bounces and duplicates

E-goi automatically removes invalid, bouncing or duplicate emails and mobile/phone numbers.

Your database grows and manages itself

Use opt-in forms to collect new subscribers. They can also edit their subscription or opt out at any time!

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More cool features? We've got them!

Unlimited database fields

In addition to good old «name», «email» and «mobile» you are free to create any other field in E-goi (registration date, country, city, nearest store, shopping history, etc.). Perfect to segment your list and customise your mailings.

Webmail contact import

Need to bring people over from your contact list in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo (or others) to E-goi? No problem, E-goi goes and fetchs them for you.

Copy/paste import

If you want to quickly add some emails or mobile/phone numbers to your list, just copy and paste them into E-goi. Done!

Profile Discovery

Wouldn't be cool to automatically get the age, gender and location of your subscribers and use this to segment your list? E-goi can scour the Web and social networks for this info.

And there is more!

Everything under control

Did someone open your newsletter? At what time? Did he also receive your SMS or voice call? E-goi keeps you posted on everything!

Automated list hygiene

E-goi includes segments designed to clean up your list, so you can easily get rid of inactive contacts and focus on your engaged subscribers.

Import auto-check

When importing your contacts, E-goi will automatically filter out misspelt and duped emails and mobiles/phones, keeping your list squeaky clean!